ChatGPT, please write a blog post about PathSense

PathSense is a location-based technology company that specializes in delivering accurate, real-time, and battery-efficient location data for mobile applications. Their innovative software development kit (SDK) provides developers with a powerful set of tools to enhance their location-based services, making it easier for them to create compelling and interactive user experiences….

Android and iOS already have geofencing, why do I need PathSense?

The term “geofencing” is used in many different contexts, with many different meanings. • In the geospatial world, “geofencing” means circles or polygons on maps. • In the advertising world, “geofencing” means place data (Starbucks, Jack in the Box, 24 Hour Fitness, etc) In this context, “geofencing” refers to a low level function used to wake up your app on arrival to or departure from some known location (lat/lng) or set of locations.